Distinguished for its cutting-edge research on tropical medicine and snake venom protein in the early days, Kaohsiung Medical University was founded on the 16th of October of 1954 and established as the first private medical school in Taiwan. Since the establishment of the university, KMU's Medical Department has welcomed more than six decades of history. The Department of Medicine recruits high school graduates for a seven-year curriculum (including one year of internship) that since 2013 became a six-year curriculum. The curriculum is designed to provide students ample opportunities to acquire basic and clinical medical knowledge and the horizons of medical humanities and society. 

For the first and second academic year, students must complete the general courses required for all departments. 

For the third and fourth year, students are introduced to blocks, which consist of integrated medical courses comprising both basic and clinical knowledge. 

For the fifth and sixth year, students' education centers around the clinical medical course and hospital clerkships that run, for instance, internal, surgical, pediatric, obstetrics and gynecology rotations

Graduates are awarded the MD degree upon completion of our medical program.

Physician's service aimed for the people. Medicine is the beautiful integration and application of science and art. Hence, in addition to medical-related courses, there are diverse curricular including physical education, literature, art, computer, Chinese medicine and more. Moreover, our politically oriented courses will inspire incoming student's understanding and concern towards the country and society, and cultivate independent critical analytical thinking

KMU is a fertile field in cultivating ethical medical practitioners who are adept with both the pen and the sword. In addition to studying medical professions and skills, it is more necessary to be compassionate, to dive into the human philosophical philosophy of life. 

KMU welcomes you to experience our exciting student life! 

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