Bachelor program

1st Academic Year

2nd Academic Year


Medical English

English Reading

On Doctoring (II)

Listening and Oral Practice


Introduction to Computer Science and Information Technology

Biochemistry Laboratory

Introduction to University

Physical Education

Service Learning


Physical Education

Gross Anatomy Laboratory



General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry

Histology Laboratory


Medical Physics

General Psychology

Medical Physics Experiment

On Doctoring (I)


Biostatistics Practice

General Sociology


Life Planning in School of Medicine

3rd Academic Year

4th Academic Year

Block 1

Basic Science and Introduction of Medicine

Block 8

Musculoskeletal System

Block 2

Host Response and Infection

Block 9

Nervous System

Block 3

Cardiovascular System

Block 10

Mental Health and Psychiatry

Medical Professionalism (I)

Block 11

Hematology and Neoplasia

Medical Professionalism (II)

Medical Professionalism(III)

Block 4

Respiratory System

Block 12

Reproduction Medicine

Block 5

Renal and Urology System

Block 13

Development and Pediatrics

Block 6

Endocrinology and Metabolism

Block 14

Special Sense Organ

Block 7

Digestive System

Block 15

Preventive Medicine, Community Medicine and Geriatric Medicine

5th Academic Year

6th Academic Year

Evidence-Based Medicine

Clerkship-In/Outside the School

Clinical Pathological Conference

Clerkship- Pediatrics (II)


Clerkship- Obstetrics & Gynecology (II)

Case Study on Health Laws

Clerkship- Medicine (II)

Medical Ethics

Clerkship- Surgery (II)

Clerkship- Urology

Career Planning in School of Medicine

Clerkship- Emergency Medicine

Emergency and Critical Care

Clerkship- Dermatology

Radiation Oncology

Clerkship- Otorhinolaryngology

Forensic Medicine

Clerkship- Rehabilitation Medicine

Dental Medicine Introduction

Clerkship- Ophthalmology

Clerkship- Medicine (I)

Clerkship- Anesthesiology

Clerkship- Surgery (I)

Clerkship- Orthopedic Surgery

Clerkship- Pediatrics (I)

Clinical Skills (II)

Clerkship- Obstetrics & Gynecology (I)

Clerkship- Diagnosis of Imaging (Including Radio therapeutic)

Clerkship- Neurology

Clerkship- Family Medicine

Clerkship- Psychiatry

Clinical Skills (I)


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